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Firefighter and Police Testing and Training

EAS Doors and Windows Inc., Hosts large scale public safety training.

Agencies that attended this training include:
Ocean City-Wright Fire Control District
Mary Esther Fire Department
Hurlburt Field Air Force Fire Department
Okaloosa Island Fire Department
Destin Fire Control District
Okaloosa County Sheriff's Special Street Crimes Unit

"The most important thing from this training is that we now know how to get through in case of an emergency. These doors are some of the strongest doors I have ever seen. There is no question they are a major deterrent for anyone trying to break into your home. Our usual techniques for entry don't work. But, now that we have the training to recognize these doors, we know exactly what tools we need to get through in an emergency"

~ Captain Ryan Christen
Ocean City-Wright Fire District

Videos From Our Training Event

To support our community, promote hurricane awareness, and provide safety training, EAS Doors and Windows Inc.; hosted a large scale public safety training on June 1st, the first day of Hurricane Season. We teamed with the Ocean City-Wright Fire District, and Fully Involved Fire, a firefighter training company. By supporting the community and promoting public safety we donated several of our products and set up a large training operation at our facility for "first responders". The training focused on providing Law Enforcement and Firefighters techniques on how to quickly breach hurricane rated sliding glass doors in an emergency. We want to ensure that first reponders know the best procedures for breaching our doors should they have to get in quickly in an emergency.

This was the first event like this in the country. Now, firefighters know exactly how to get through our doors in an emergency. With the right training and tools, emergency workers can breach our products very quickly. However the testing and training showed that our doors can easily withstand normal breaking and entry techniques.

An attempted entry with a battering ram assault from the sheriff's department could not breach our doors.

Our doors withstood multiple attempts from firefighters swinging axes and Halligan Bars. In fact one of the forged Halligan bars was even bent attempting to breaking our glass.

Firefighters even used vehicle extrication tools like hydraulic cutters, similar to the jaws of life to attack our products.

Training Event News Coverage :
North West Florida Daily News Article: Click Here


Home Burglary

Weather related events account for a small, although significant portion of the threats our homes face. The most common threat is home burglary. The FBI reports that a burglary occurs somewhere in the United States every 15.4 seconds. These crimes are most often committed when we are not home, and usually during daylight hours. Those that commit these crimes often 'scout' their locations in advance looking for what may be considered easy targets. This would include unoccupied residences with easy entry points.

Often, the easy entry point criminals seek out are sliding glass doors. Traditional sliding glass doors rely on a simple latch rather than a lock for security. These latches often fail with little manipulation. In addition, truly securing these types of doors may require additional hardware such as unattractive bars across the vision area.

EAS Doors eliminates these threats and does not require any added hardware to protect your family and your property.

EAS Unrivaled Security

In-Line Seal
Most sliding glass doors simply move from one position to the next offset from the static panel. This type of door lends itself to forced entry through simple prying that can break the latch and allow the door to slide open. EAS Doors however provide security against this in two ways. Precision tolerances prevent access for simple prying actions. In addition, our doors slide to the closed position and then move inward to seal in an in-line fashion. Attempts to pry the door from the jamb will only push the slider tighter against the static panel preventing movement.

Secure Overhead Carriage
The roller hardware of sliding glass doors is frequently found in the bottom of the doors. Moisture, dirt, and debris compromise this hardware. Rust, and deterioration can cause the doors to become loose on their tracks. This may result in the doors being pryed out of their track easier. EAS Doors use a unique overhead carriage system. This design protects the doors mechanical systems. It also encases the hardware preventing any tampering or manipulation.

Multi Point Locking System
EAS Doors utilize a unique, one-of-a-kind multi point locking system. This locking system is fully encased within the center of the door. No component of the locking system is accesible from the exterior. This center lock design also protects from any attempts at prying or forced entry, as opposed to standard sliding glass doors that latch at a single point on the jamb. When the EAS lock is engaged you may rest easy knowing your sliding glass doors are likely the strongest part of your homes defenses.

Impact Rated Glass
EAS Doors feature highly advanced glass that is impact rated to the highest standards and are able to withstand multiple crushing impacts from an air cannon fired two by four as well as a barrage of impacts from cannon fired ball bearings. This glass will prove a formidable deterrant to any criminal element attempting unlawful entry to your property.


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